Schedule Your Next Service Appointment At Karp Kia From Anywhere Using Xtime

Here at Karp Kia we understand that many of our customers live busy lives and that calling to schedule your next service appointment can slip your mind. It happens. But we are giving you the chance to schedule your next service appointment from anywhere using Xtime online scheduling service. So when you think of it head over to Karp Kia online and schedule your appointment right when you thinking of it.  We give you the option to schedule an appointment for a few weeks out if it isn't urgent and if it is urgent click I am in a hurry and find appointments that are within the next few days.

Our professional mechanics here at Karp Kia do it all. We cover everything from your simple and routine oil changes, tire rotations, brake pad replacements to new spark plugs and fuel injector replacements. The trained technicians here at Karp Kia only use genuine Kia parts when servicing Kia vehicles. That mean two things. That the brake caliper you are getting replace will be made specifically for your exact vehicle and that it has been tested by Kia for quality and durability.

Our service team is always still available by phone if you would rather call and schedule an appointment over the phone. The number is 888-887-2393 and is proud to serve drivers from Hempstead, East Meadow, and Valley Stream. Karp Kia is located at 400 Sunrise Hwy. Rockville Center, NY