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Regularly performing simple maintenance on your car can save you money in the long run. We have compiled a list of tips to guide you. If your not a person that likes to get their hands dirty, than no worries just make an appointment for a NY Kia Service at our dealership today!

New York Car Dealer ServicesYou're tires are what carry you and its very important to keep them in good shape. Every 5,000 miles, you should rotate your tires. You should also clean the dust off of your tires regularly because the combination of grime, moisture, and heat can bake onto them and cause them to become hazardous. To clean off any dust, simply use a damp sponge and cold water. Checking your tire pressure should also be done regularly as low pressure can decrease your car's fuel economy and handling. Lastly, check your tires for tread depth as these create the traction necessary for you to stay safely on the road.

Your engine is where all the magic happens and can also be the most expensive thing to have repaired. To avoid this, you'll want to check your belts every 25,000 miles for wear and your oil and coolant levels. To check the oil level, simply pull out the dip stick, wipe it, replace it, and take it out again to check how far up the stick the oil clings. As for the coolant, check the coolant reservoir to see where the liquid lies between the high and low markings. Low oil can break your engine and low coolant can cause it to overheat.

There are a number of dash and instrument warning lights and each of them should be heeded. If the check engine light comes on, you may need to tighten your gas cap. If this doesn't work, find a mechanic or auto parts store with an OBD2 reader to read the code and diagnose the issue. The service engine/maintenance required light usually indicates that you are in need of or coming close to a scheduled maintenance interval. It can also indicate map engine, oil, and air temperatures. These indicators can be reset once any problems are cleared. If your electrical fault light, which looks like a battery, comes on and stays on, it may mean your electrical charging system is no longer working properly. You need a professional to check the system.

If your first brake warning light comes on it means there is an issue with your braking system. It could mean your hand brake is on or that your master cylinder fluid is low. If it is not the hand brake, you'll want to see a mechanic. If your second brake light comes on, this means there is an issue with your ABS.

You want to get this seen by a professional as soon as possible as well. If your coolant warning like comes on, which looks like a thermometer, you need to top-off the coolant in your radiator. You can purchase premixed coolant in many large stores. Lastly, if your oil warning light comes on, it means your oil pressure is low and you need to have the problem diagnosed as quickly as possible. Any issues with the oil can kill your engine.

If your looking for some personal help, stop by our NY Preowned Car Dealership today! We would love to show you how to take care and maintenance your car.

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